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The programming at Centrum Beeldende Kunst Zuidoost revolves around contemporary visual art from an inclusive, intercultural perspective, bringing a wide audience into contact with the art of today in various locations. It takes place through exhibitions, an artist-in-residence programme, temporary and permanent art commissions, educational projects, and an art lease programme along with a gift shop. For CBK Zuidoost, artistic quality and public outreach are equally valued starting points. CBK Zuidoost is inspired by the specific context of Amsterdam-Zuidoost, while at the same time—through its activities and partnerships—it has importance for the whole of Amsterdam.

CBK Zuidoost assesses artistic quality through the usual criteria, such as authenticity, expressiveness, and use of materials. In the visual arts, our migratory society has also led to forms with connotations that refer to more than ‘just’ white Dutch heritage. This substantive fact guides the programme at CBK Zuidoost. Amsterdam’s intercultural society and, even more so, the Afro-Caribbean community of the Zuidoost district—where CBK Zuidoost is located—is a continuous source of inspiration for us.

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It goes without saying that CBK Zuidoost is taking part in ‘Sense of Place’. For more than 30 years, our programming has focused on the dynamics of the city, and in particular how it is co-determined by people from all kinds of backgrounds and traditions. Moreover, CBK Zuidoost has also worked closely with the Amsterdam Museum for a number of years. CBK Zuidoost participates in ‘Sense of Place’ in two ways.

Raquel van Haver

CBK Zuidoost, together with the Amsterdam Museum, commissioned Raquel van Haver to create a large work for Refresh and ‘Sense of Place’. Van Haver will make a contemporary oil painting inspired by the regent pieces from the collection of the Amsterdam Museum, in which the people who initiated movements such as De Nieuwe Sint, Nederland Wordt Beter, Zwarte Piet is Racisme, and Kick Out Zwarte Piet are portrayed.

In addition, CBK Zuidoost is planning an exhibition at its own space in Amsterdam-Zuidoost:

ROOTED / UPROOTED: Sense of Place @ CBK Zuidoost

Amsterdam is a global city and a remarkably diverse place, in part formed by people who are here due to voluntary migration and (the consequences of) forced migration in the past. In the societal debate about these subjects, issues such as inclusion and exclusion, identity and polarisation play a role. At the same time, established institutions such as museums often still determine which histories and stories are collected and told from a dominant Eurocentric perspective. In the exhibition ROOTED / UNROOTED: Sense of Place @ CBK Zuidoost, these stories are told by artists, almost all of whom have a migratory background. Their narrative is about migration, diaspora, cultural hybridity, rooting and uprooting, and how this has affected them.

On view in the exhibition are Don’t Hit Mama, Rabi Koria, Maja Bolier, Wes Mapes, Judith Quax, Kevin Osepa, Tja Ling Hu, and Jaasir Linger.

The exhibition can be visited from mid-March until mid-June (exact dates will follow).




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