The SEXYLAND Society is a conceptual club in Amsterdam-Noord that has a different owner every day. The owner on any given day decides what kind of club they want it to be, and can programme whatever they want. This ranges from themed exhibitions, boxing galas, roller disco, and blacklight dinners, to kinky performances or lectures about bees. SEXYLAND is a tabula rasa that can be described in all kinds of ways, so we try to highlight every corner of Amsterdam in order to show just how much diversity the city has to offer.

SEXYLAND is literally a reflection of its owners—not a single, premeditated thing, but exactly what people want it to be. It is a meeting place for individuals from different backgrounds, who then make it their home for a day and welcome others into it. It is for and by Amsterdam, and exists by the grace of the city’s inhabitants and their culture.

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As part of Refresh Amsterdam, we will kick off a neighbourhood project in Amsterdam-Noord at the end of this year where we invite local residents to cook for one another and eat together (in a covid-proof setting). First, people can register (we will also look for some standout figures to invite) and then we will partner them up with others. In this way, we facilitate encounters between different people who might not normally meet, and hopefully a connection will be created between ‘old’ and ‘new’ Amsterdam-Noord. We will send photographer Maarten van der Kamp along during the dinners to record these encounters. To conclude the project, in March we will organise a major event at SEXYLAND’s new location on Papaverweg, where everyone who participated will be invited to view an exhibition of the photos and enjoy a dinner hosted by BuurtBuik.

Photo credit: Lou-Lou van Staaveren




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