Kevin Osepa

Sense of Place is creating space for stories in the city that often go unseen.’

Kloof (2020)

For Refresh Amsterdam, Kevin Osepa presents his new film work ‘Kloof’,  based on his childhood memories of this historically charged place on Curaçao and conversations with islanders.

In this project, Kevin Osepa uses symbolism that he borrows from the culture of Curaçao, to recount the history of himself and his family. He tells the story of a man of colour who was raised in a spiritual and ‘brua’-practicing environment. The work originates from the desire to ‘feel at home’. By creating interventions in the Dutch landscape, Osepa tries to create a space where there is room for him—and that visualises his hybrid identity.

Besides Osepas participation in the exhibition, his work is part of the visual identity that has been developed for this edition of Refresh Amsterdam.

Kevin Osepa

Kevin Osepa (Willemstad, Curaçao, 1994) is a visual artist and photographer based in Utrecht. He is interested in portraying the Afro­Caribbean identity in a postcolonial world, and explores themes such as Afro­spirituality, sexuality, masculinity, decoloniality and family. His work aims to create a space for these perspectives in order to counterbalance the often one­ sided narrative of colonial history.





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