KIP Republic

‘Amsterdam is a city where you can be part of a community, a shared philosophy, or belong simply because you are there. Because, when you’re in Amsterdam, you’re there because you were born here, or you’ve made a conscious choice to be here. We can leave and return, to the end of the world and back. Amsterdam is always our home base.’

Skyscrapers Act 1 – Belonging (2020)

Mental health—a latent pandemic of depression, anxiety, and stress; what do we struggle with and how do we deal with it? For Refresh Amsterdam, KIP Republic addresses mental health in the city as part  of their ongoing project Skyscrapers. Through film, dance, and spoken word, KIP zooms in on the sense of belonging in the city. They present a recorded dance choreography and spoken word performance about the possible effects on one’s life when people unconsciously neglect to deal with  challenges.


KIP Republic

KIP Republic is a foundation which curates  projects and events, championing projects  and artists that encourage a safe and  just society for everyone. The foundation  is managed by Ayra Kip (partnership  director), Anne van de Ven (strategist)  and Ira Kip (creative director). They are  interested in the themes of identity and  community creation, both locally and  internationally. In addition, they provide a  platform for underexposed stories, where  creators from different perspectives and  disciplines can speak freely.  






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