Nicoline van Harskamp

If you could choose your name yourself, in what language would it be?’

My Name is Language (2020)

Nicoline van Harskamp is obsessed with language. In her performance My Name Is Language she invites the seated visitors to tell their names, to explain where they are from, who gave them their names and what they mean. In this way, names become a powerful anecdote about culture and the hybridity of oral history. What starts out as a performance will turn into a place of sharing and solidarity, a gathering of shared histories.

For Refresh Amsterdam, Nicoline van Harskamp presents a new Amsterdam specific edition of My Name is Language. In a number of live narration session on location, eight players will actors will explicate how names cross cultural and linguistic boundaries, and how they transform as a result. The storytellers, most of them from Amsterdam, use whatever language they need.
Nicoline van Harskamp

Nicoline van Harskamp (Hazerswoude, Netherlands, 1975) is an artist based in Amsterdam who works with language. All of her works have a performative character, and spoken language is at their core. They take the form of live staging, video, installations, and even publications, since her working process is characterised by the transformation of speech to writing and the other way around. She has presented her work and staged live pieces at art institutions, museums and the Internationally.








Photo credit: Nicoline van Harskamp. Mein Name ist Sprache (My Name is Language), 2018. Steirischer Herbst, Graz. Photo: Clara Wildberger.

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