Jaasir Linger

Sabi yu rutu, Sabi yu srefi. (Surinamese for: ‘Know your roots, know yourself.)

Winti na rutu (2020)

The interdisciplinary installation Winti na rutu (English: Winti is roots) visualises Jaasir Linger’s ongoing exploration Winti, the Afro-Surinamese religion of his ancestors. As time goes on, customs and traditions tend to change or disappear, which is also the case with the Winti religion. Religious traditions and customs, which have passed from older to younger generations since transatlantic slavery, have already changed considerably. Linger has created an installation which consists of mamio, a composition of different fabrics associated with Winti, and a film inspired by his personal experiences with contemporary Winti rituals in Amsterdam.



Jaasir Linger

Based in Rotterdam, Jaasir Linger (Zoetermeer, Netherlands, 1991) is a lens-based artist with Surinamese roots. Linger graduated from the Fotoacademie Amsterdam in 2019. He is particularly interested in Surinamese cultural heritage and Winti, an Afro-Surinamese religion.






Filmstill uit Winti na rutu, 2020

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