In this episode, Margriet Schavemaker (Artistic Director of the Amsterdam Museum) talks to Mechteld Jungerius (founder of the ‘We are not a Playground’ collective), Annet Zondervan (Director of CBK Zuidoost), Raquel van Haver (artist) and Nagaré Willemsen (visual artist and coordinator of the Black Student Union). This panel discussion was recorded at the Refresh Amsterdam Symposium that took place on Friday 12 February 2021 in Felix Meritis cultural centre.

The cultural sector is working on structural improvement using various codes and criteria. Although the sector as a whole may appear to be working towards a more inclusive and fairer sector, we still come across too many examples showing that there is still a long way to go, with existing power structures and networks preventing real change. The sector has had its share of criticism from various initiatives outside of the institutional framework. How much room is there for criticism from within as well as from outside the institutions? What is working well in the relationship between institution and maker and what could do with some radical changes? This symposium was financially supported by the Pictoright Fund.