Antonis Pittas

‘The cycle can be repeated, but it is never the same.’

ENOUGH (2020)

At a time when polarisation in society has become more the norm than the exception, Antonis Pittas wants to explore the symbolic meaning of ‘friendship’ in our current society. The City of Amsterdam has granted him possession of several historical building fragments, the remains of a facade, which he sees as a part of our collective memory, carrying knowledge and contemporary cultural-historical value.

For Refresh Amsterdam, Antonis Pittas created an installation that reflects his research on these materials, as well as the ideological frameworks of monuments and statues today. His project is based on the idea that hidden stories can be found in our material objects. The union of historical objects and contemporary discourse can create a sense of continuity of time and history, while at the same time revealing how people and places are connected and represented through the material aspects of our culture. 

Antonis Pittas

Antonis Pittas (Athens, Greece, 1973) lives and works in Amsterdam. Pittas defines himself as an observer rather than an activist, yet his work always deals with contemporary social and political issues such as safety and control, economic crises, and acts of resistance, but also violence and vandalism. He treats these events as gestures of public discontent and conducts thorough research on the context that led to them. Pittas develops mixed-media installations with sculptural elements to provide a context for a contemporary interpretation. His work has been exhibited in venues worldwide and is part of private and public collections.








Photo credit: Studio Antonis Pittas, 2020

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Courtesy Antonis Pittas and Annet Gelink Gallery 

Special thanks to: 

Stichting Stokroos

Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst

Gemeente Amsterdam, Monumenten en Archeologie


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