Amsterdam is a global city and a remarkably diverse place

Amsterdam is a global city and a remarkably diverse place, in part formed by people who are here due to voluntary migration and (the consequences of) forced migration in the past. In the societal debate about these subjects, issues such as inclusion and exclusion, identity and polarisation play a role. At the same time, established institutions such as museums often still determine which histories and stories are collected and told from a dominant Eurocentric perspective. In the exhibition ROOTED / UNROOTED: Sense of Place @ CBK Zuidoost, these stories are told by artists, almost all of whom have a migratory background. Their narrative is about migration, diaspora, cultural hybridity, rooting and uprooting, and how this has affected them.

On view in the exhibition are

Don’t hit Mama, Rabi Koria, Maja Bolier, Wes Mapes, Judith Quax, Kevin Osepa, Tja Ling Hu en Jaasir Linger.