The future of cultural hotbeds

door Amsterdam Museum

20 December 2021


This is the first episode that revolves around the Refresh Amsterdam Symposium and was recorded on Friday 12 February 2021 in Felix Meritis cultural centre. In this episode, Margriet Schavemaker (Artistic Director of the Amsterdam Museum) talks to Massih Hutak (Verdedig Noord), Terra Dakota Stein (Verdedig Noord), Tim Vermeulen (NDSM werf), Ai Rich (Heesterveld Creative Community) and Nadia Benchagra (W139) about Amsterdam’s cultural hotbeds. They reflect on positive developments as well as on the impact on Amsterdam neighbourhoods such as Zuid-Oost or Noord, which are increasingly becoming too expensive to live in for many residents. The hotbed policy of the City of Amsterdam is also under pressure: how can we ensure that our makers continue to have access to affordable housing and workspaces? And how can we develop lasting relationships between Amsterdam’s cultural hotbeds and  the local residents? To what extent do we continue fostering international relationships without driving our local makers out of business? This symposium was financially supported by the Pictoright Fund.