Judith Quax’s nomadic life

door Judith Quax

20 December 2021


Judith Quax

The work of photographer and film maker Judith Quax is driven by a fascination for the concept of identity and how identity constantly evolves. Since 2006 she has been researching migration from West Africa to Europe. She focuses on questions such as how do people adapt to a nomadic and transnational life and how do they deal with the tension between the memory of their homeland and the reality of their new life in another country? In the film Voyage à Dakar she and her Dutch-Senegalese son Noah Saliou travel from Amsterdam to Dakar – via France, Spain, Morocco, Western Sahara and Mauritania – in the opposite direction of the migration flow. She talked about her journey with Luuk Heezen in this Kunst is Lang podcast, in partnership with Mister Motley.