A cultural sector without labels

door Amsterdam Museum

20 December 2021


Bas Kosters

In this episode, Maurice Seleky (Head of marketing and communication Amsterdam Museum) talks to Bas Kosters (visual artist and fashion designer), Clayde Menso (Director of Amerpodia), Sioejeng Tsao (illustrator and activist) and Christian Guerematchi (dancer and choreographer) about the labels and categorisation of makers. This panel discussion was recorded at the Refresh Amsterdam Symposium that took place on Friday 12 February 2021 in Felix Meritis cultural centre.

Funds and institutions occasionally use the term ‘urban arts’. This kind of labelling tends to compartmentalise contemporary, urban makers and thereby to define what type of ‘art’ they make. The nightlife sector, which is so critical in ensuring that the cultural sector continues to flourish, formally still falls outside the ‘art’ domain. How can we have a more critical approach towards these kinds of terms and categorisations? What are the implications of such labels? What hinders the work of makers and what works well in the sector? This symposium was financially supported by the Pictoright Fund.